Welcome, Oriens Pilgrim! I'm very excited to get started. If you haven't ordered your book yet or it hasn't arrived, you can download the preview which contains all of the first week. Learn more at https://pilgrimpriest.us/book. Copies are still available at major retailers and Christian bookstores.

Virtual Bible Study meets Thursdays at 10:00 AM Central Time (16:00 UTC). Sign up by sending an email to father[at]pilgrimpriest[dot]us with Bible Study in the body. Those who have joined will get a link after the Bible study has aired to watch it any time.

Small Group Outline

In addition to the daily prayer time, some folks might want to meet with friends or family for an in person or their own virtual group. Here is an outline to facilitate such a meeting.

  1. Opening Prayer
    The leader opens the group with this prayer or with a prayer he or she has composed themselves. "Creator God, you have made the world around us and filled it with life. We thank you for all the things that live and move and have their being in and through you. Above all, thank you for creating each of us in your image and likeness. Help us to wonder anew at the marvel, mystery, and miracle of your Creation. Open our eyes to the mystery of your love all around us. Bless our meeting today and our Advent journey this week. Amen."
  2. Group Check-In
    Go around the room and share a burden and a blessing you experienced this past week. Where did you see Jesus, or who were you Jesus to this week?
  3. Suggested Discussion Questions
    If meeting earlier in the week, draw on questions from the first day or two:
    1. Are you excited or nervous for this year's Advent pilgrimage?
    2. Why did you decide to do Oriens, or what are you hoping to get from it?
    3. Do you have a prayer place set aside in your home? Or where do you plan to pray?
    4. Fill in the blank: "What I really want for Christmas is ___"
  4. If meeting later in the week, draw on questions from the whole week:
    1. How did your first few days go?
    2. Did you have a favorite prayer period or scripture passage that really spoke to you this week?
    3. Did you find anything difficult or challenging about the Lectio Divina prayer form?
    4. How did you experience God's presence or action during your prayer time?
    5. How has the Creation around us looked different because of your prayer experience?
    6. Fill in the blank: "This week I find myself most grateful for ___"
  5. Group leader should not feel pressure to get every question answered. Allow people the space to say anything and to have an honest, fruitful discussion, while also being mindful of the time allotted. It is important to end the formal part of the Bible Study at the time agreed upon by the group.
  6. Close with a prayer. If you have time, ask the group what they would like prayers for. Then conclude by praying an Our Father together.