This week we return to Ordinary Time. We have had our eyes opened to the presence of Jesus, "God-with-us", on our Christmas journey. Now we use our skill of finding Jesus in Ordinary Time. Let's keep praying as our life goes back to "normal." If you fell away from Oriens because things were busy and out of routine, this is a great time to get back into the swing of prayer. Don't try to catch up on all the days you missed. Just read the introduction to week 7 (p. 217) and then turn ahead to the current day and pray with that day's scripture. We will follow the lectionary readings from Hebrews this week. There are almost four weeks left of pilgrimage. Let's see what God has in store for us.

Small Group Outline

In addition to the daily prayer time, some folks might want to meet with friends or family for an in person or their own virtual group. Here is an outline to facilitate such a meeting.

  1. Opening Prayer
    The leader opens the group with this prayer or with a prayer he or she has composed themselves. "Heavenly Father, you have revealed your Son, Jesus Christ, as the firstborn of many children. Help us to see Christ in the ordinary moments of our lives. Help us to follow him more faithfully each day. May your Holy Spirit to enlighten, guide, and bless us today. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen."
  2. Group Check-In
    Go around the room and share a burden and a blessing you experienced this past week. Where did you see Jesus, or who were you Jesus to this week?
  3. Suggested Discussion Questions
    1. If you meet early in the week, you can draw on some of the questions from week six.
    2. Which scripture passage this week spoke to you most powerfully?
    3. Was there anything you struggled with this week?
    4. How do you plan to keep the joy of Christmas now that the world has moved on to something else?
  4. Group leader should not feel pressure to get every question answered. Allow people the space to say anything and to have an honest, fruitful discussion, while also being mindful of the time allotted. It is important to end the formal part of the Bible Study at the time agreed upon by the group.
  5. Close with a prayer. Ask the group what they would like prayers for. Then conclude by praying an Our Father together.