Ordinary Time, 29th Sunday. Jesus wants us to be persistent like a little old lady who won't stop badgering a judge. Moses is persistent in relying on the strength of God to achieve God's work. We must not give up doing the work of God because we do it with the strength that comes from God. The movement called 40 Days for Life is successfully in opposing abortion because it enlists people as prayerful, peaceful participants in God's work to save lives. Are you doing the work of God, with the strength that comes from God? (20 Oct 2013)

Protesters patiently pray in front of an abortion clinic in Washington (40 Days for Life Blog)

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Take a look at other places where Moses used is staff: Exodus 4, Exodus 7, Exodus 10.

Find a local group participating in the 40 Days for Life movement. Join them for an hour of peaceful prayer.