The King is coming Back (7:30)

Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord. Yes, I believe in the End of the World, but I don't think it will be soon enough! At the end of the World, Christ will be revealed as the true King. He is already the King and he owns everything from the stars and galaxies to the tiniest blades of grass. But for now He is content to work quietly in the background. If you want to persecute someone or abuse your power or ignore Him, you can do that, and it is highly unlikely that God will smite you. Why is that?

Because Jesus owns everything, absolutely everything, except your heart. He refuses to take our hearts by force. He wants us to choose to accept Him as king. The fact is though, we don't get to vote on the Lord of the Universe. And Jesus doesn't have to fight the Devil to try and win this world. He already owns it; He's already the king. Those who reject His kingship now will be sorry when He is revealed as the true King, and they have rejected Him. Those who accept Him will begin already to experience the peace of God's Kingdom, and will rejoice when He is revealed as true King. This is what the Ascension means: Christ is the true King, and He's already on His way back here!

(20 May 2012)