Second Sunday of Advent (Year A) • Our vision statement says we are missionary disciples -- what does that mean? There are four parts to missionary discipleship:

  1. Discover Jesus
  2. Follow Jesus
  3. Worship Jesus
  4. Share Jesus with Others
Being a disciple means allowing ourselves to be transformed by the daily encounter with Jesus. Being a missionary is about helping others realize that Jesus is already present and active in their life. We mistakenly think the Kingdom is a long way off so the work can wait. But the Kingdom is closer than you think; it may be as close as your next bite of food.

(4 Dec 2016)

We are missionary disciples striving to lead all people to the Kingdom of God. ~ Parish Vision
Point to Ponder: Do you realize how much Jesus loves you?

Point to Discuss: Who helped you discover the Kingdom of God? Call or write to thank them, if they are still alive, or light a candle if they are deceased. Or name them in a comment to this post.