Advent, 4th Sunday (C) Why is the birthday of Jesus such a big deal? Our ancestors realized that most people haven't grasped the True Meaning of Christmas by the time December 25th comes around. So they taught the true meaning of Christmas with three more feasts:

Jesus The True Sacrifice (January 1st)
Jesus is the Lamb of God, born to give his life for you and me. Ancients saw in Jesus' circumcision a first shedding of his blood for all mankind.

Jesus The True King (January 6th)
Wise Men arrive from the East. The ancients depicted this scene as the Christ Child seated on his mother's lap, like a King receiving tribute from his faithful subjects.

Jesus The True God (February 2nd)
Mary is the new Ark of the Covenant, bringing the presence of God to the world. When Jesus is Presented in the Temple we go out to meet him with lit candles. Candlemas is the sparkler sendoff for the Christmas season.

Do you want to understand the true meaning of Christmas? Mark these dates on your calendar. Keep your Christmas decorations up through January 6th. Keep up your nativity scene and your Advent wreath until February 2nd. Let the truth of Jesus sink into your soul.

(23 Dec 2018)

Going deeper: Read the story of King David and the Ark in 2 Samuel 6. Do you see parallels with Luke 1:39-45?