Youcharist (13:00)

Ordinary Time, 20th Sunday. The crowds today are rightly shocked when they hear Jesus telling them to eat Him. Only after the Last Supper are His disciples able to digest what Jesus was talking about: the Eucharist looks and tastes like bread and wine but is really Jesus. Through the Eucharist we have Communion with God and become one flesh with the Almighty. This gift cost Him something. In fact, it cost Him everything. He laid down His life so that we could have life. We must give in return. The sacrifice of Christ in the Eucharist can only continue if young men are willing to lay down their lives to become priests. Christ gets His life from the Father and gives it to us. We get this gift of life from Christ and we are called to give it to others. We become One Flesh with God; we become Eucharist for others.

(19 Aug 2012)

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