Second Sunday of Lent (Year B) • God can only bless Abraham through his sexuality when he finally puts it in God's hands. Natural family planning is a way that we can learn to trust God with our fertility. We also need to trust God with our infertility. Trusting God transfigures our sexuality. More than just as source of pleasure, and pain, it will become something glorious that blesses us and the world. Abraham has finally learned that God is worth more and that God will keep His promises no matter what, even if it costs God His Only Son.

(25 Feb 2018)

Point to Ponder: What would it look like to trust God with your sexuality? In what ways do you struggle to trust God with this aspect of your life?

Point to Discuss: Read and discuss how natural family planning is different from what we commonly call "birth control". Talk to a friend about pros and cons, and what seems to make the most sense.

Point for Action: Pray for couples that are struggling with infertility.

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