Oriens: A Pilgrimage Through Advent and Christmas

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Learn to Pray

Other Advent books give you prepared meditations. Oriens teaches you how to meditate for yourself.

Three Books in One

Oriens has everything you need in one place: a daily Scripture passage, guidance for meditation, and journal space.

It Keeps Going

Oriens begins on the First Sunday of Advent and continues all the way to February 2nd.

Better Together

Join other pilgrims for a Virtual Bible Study every week led by the author himself.

Supports Priests

The author donates all his royalties to the Institute for Priestly Formation.

A Better Christmas

Discover Advent is it was meant to be: a time to prepare your heart for a better Christmas.

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Learn to Pray

There are many wonderful Advent books full of moving meditations for you to choose from. This isn’t one of them. Instead of giving you my meditations, this book will teach you how to meditate for yourself.

A Prayer Pilgrimage

Oriens is retreat that you can do right in your own home. Through the ancient prayer forms of Lectio Divina and Imaginative Prayer, scripture reading will take on a whole new meaning just for you.

Everything You Need in One Place

The scripture passages are printed right in the book, followed by guidance for meditation and space for journalling. It’s like three books in one. Take a look inside.

More for Your Money

Other books end on Christmas Day. Oriens begins on the First Sunday of Advent and continues all the way to February 2nd. Even if you never open the book once before Christmas Day, you will still have more than half left to read.

Learn More When You Journey Together

You have everything you need for your own personal Advent retreat. But sign up now and Fr. Joel will lead you and other pilgrims through a weekly Virtual Bible Study. Get insights from other pilgrims and ask the author your questions. Sign up for free.

Your Purchase Supports Priests

All the author’s royalties are donated to the Institute for Priestly Formation. To date over $6,000 has been given to this crucial ministry.

The Best Christmas Ever

Advent is a journey of the heart. When you learn to recognize God’s voice in your prayer and his presence in your day, Christmas takes on a whole new meaning.

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