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Fathers Use These Two Tools to Change the World

Mine will be a life well lived if people say of me, "He was a good son of our Heavenly Father; he was a good father to God's children." Mark 4:26-34 shows us the two tools that fathers can use to change the world: their words and their good deeds.

SUN, 16 JUN 2024

Stop Playing the Blame and Shame Game

Why do humans wear clothes? The Bible says we felt ashamed, and quickly learned to point the finger of blame at everyone else. Jesus teaches us a better way to live.

SUN, 9 JUN 2024

Blood Brothers

Communion under both species is a fuller symbol of Jesus giving himself completely to us. When we enter into Communion with Jesus, the very life of God flows in our veins. Become what you receive!

SUN, 2 JUN 2024

An Infinite Inheritance Awaits Us

The Trinity means that God is love. He is always pouring himself out in love. We can only truly fulfill our calling if we learn to live from within the love of the Trinity. We need to draw life from within the Trinity and pour it out for others.

SUN, 26 MAY 2024

The Holy Spirit Responds to our Vocations Crisis

When we desire true love, community, peace, and guidance, we are really desiring the Holy Spirit. We can always draw more life from God, so our prayer each day should be, "Come, Holy Spirit!” Our "Yes" will inspire those around us to say, "Yes."

SUN, 19 MAY 2024

The Ascension and the Gift of Motherhood

Jesus is now seated at the vantage point. He gives gifts to men. One of those gifts is the elevation of natural motherhood through the gift of the Holy Spirit. God is with us and he sees the big picture. Your little “yes” changes the world.

SUN, 12 MAY 2024

We Love Mary Because She First Loved Us

Is devotion to Mary idolatry? Mary also walks with us on our journey of faith. Mary incarnated God's love into her daily life. With the gift of the Holy Spirit, we too can incarnate God's love in our life. Mary will help you learn to love like Jesus.

SUN, 5 MAY 2024

Grafted and Pruned (First Communion Homily)

Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. We were grafted onto Jesus at our Baptism. We must remain in Him and draw life from Jesus.Prune your words, your actions, and your activities so you can bear good fruit.

SUN, 28 APR 2024

The Good Shepherd Calls Turkeys Like Us

The Good Shepherd calls his sheep. The first call or "vocation" that every Christian receives is the call of Baptism. Some of the Baptized are called to be monks or nuns, others are called to married love, and others are called to Holy Orders.

SUN, 21 APR 2024

Five Places Jesus Wants to Give You Peace

The Risen Jesus wants to give you His peace, a peace the world cannot give. Let’s look at five places he wants to give you peace. Then we consider three practical ways that we can all experience a little more peace.

SUN, 14 APR 2024

The Wounds that Heal

At the resurrection of the dead on the last day, our wounds will all be healed. So why does the Risen Jesus still have wounds? The Healer who was wounded so that you could be made whole. Show him your wounds.

SUN, 7 APR 2024

Easter Pancakes

We feel inadequate because we were never built to be spiritually independent. Deep down we still need our Daddy, and he's right here for us. Jesus shows us what our life could look like if we stopped pretending to be grown-ups.

SUN, 31 MAR 2024

What Is Jesus Worth to You?

You are worth whatever someone is willing to pay for you. Jesus is willing to not only trade his life for yours, but to offer his life as a painful and bloody sacrifice. Do we find ourselves asking, "What's the minimum amount I need to fast?”

FRI, 29 MAR 2024

You Should Wash Her Feet

Time is a spiral, moving back over the same ground again and again but in new ways. Jesus is a present reality, the one constant in our changing world. He's right here working through my hands and yours. Allow Jesus to wash your feet today.

THU, 28 MAR 2024

The Passion Reveals Our True Colors

How many follow Jesus when Christianity is popular, but as soon as we see the cross coming, we run away into the night? Are you willing to lay down your life for the One who laid down his life for you?

SUN, 24 MAR 2024

The Real Mission of a Catholic Priest

What if God is not calling me to win the culture war, save all the marriages and keep the churches open? I look at 3 or 4 things that I think God is actually calling us to. Then I show how these four things are also the mission that Jesus lived.

SUN, 17 MAR 2024

The One Commandment that Does Not Make Sense

Why would God command his people to take a day off, especially people who were living hand-to-mouth? God wants us to trust that he is a good Father and he will provide for his children. He wants his children to be rested and renewed and re-created.

SUN, 3 MAR 2024

The Most Disturbing Passage in the Bible?

There are people that live with radical trust in God. The rest of us have to wrestle with God. Some people think you mustn't get mad at God. Others drift away from God when it hurts. God would sacrifice even his Son to have you back again.

SUN, 25 FEB 2024

Out of Order

Humans are part of a sacred order. We also have a sacred order within us. Our physical side needs to be ordered by our spirit towards truth and goodness and beauty. If not disciplined, your body will become fat and lazy. Get back in order!

SUN, 18 FEB 2024

Be My vaLENTine

Anyone can say, "I love you." How do we know if someone really loves us? We know that Jesus is True Love because he sacrifices himself for us. If we truly love Jesus, than we will not just say, "I love you," but we also have to sacrifice for Him.

WED, 14 FEB 2024

Sin is Contagious - Lent Holds the Cure

The leper must remove himself from the community in order to save the community. The seven deadly sins not only hurt us, but they are also toxic to community. The three traditional "works" of Lent speed the healing of our souls.

SUN, 11 FEB 2024

Does Talking About Anxiety Make You Anxious?

The Bible recognizes that anxiety is part of everyday life. You need to let your anxiety talk to you. Then you need to move through that anxiety to a place of security. So where can we find lasting security? The answer is closer than you might think.

SUN, 28 JAN 2024

Five Ways We Can Hear God's Voice

It can be hard to hear God’s voice. Sometimes we don't want God to call and interrupt “my” life. Other times we wonder if God lost my number or forgot about me. We need to listen with our heart. Here are five ways that God commonly speaks to us.

SUN, 14 JAN 2024

Eucharistic Epiphany in Cowley, Alberta

The magi can see the light that the Jewish people to not see. They continue to believe in the value of the gift even when others do not value Him. Do we realize the gift we have in the Eucharist? Pray that we can each have a "Eucharistic Epiphany."

SUN, 7 JAN 2024

Entrusting Our New Year to the Mother of God

Today we celebrate a very controversial title of Mary. We could not possibly honor Mary any more than God honored Mary. Mary will help you fully receive all that God wants to give you in the New Year.

MON, 1 JAN 2024

Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

When the parents are not rooted in God's faithful love, the family experiences fear and insecurity which leads to self-protection. Fortunately, the love of God surrounds them and the elderly pray and support them. This heals the core wound of fear.

SUN, 31 DEC 2023

The Gift That Everyone Needs But No One Seems to Want

Sometimes we receive a gift and it's not what we were expecting. For many of us, the gift of the Christ Child at Christmas is not what we were hoping for. What we don't realize is that Jesus is the answer, not to our wants, but to our deepest needs.

MON, 25 DEC 2023

Watch for God's Healing Truth and Love

Fr. Michael's patience helped to heal my wound of abandonment. After I got healing, I was able to be patient with him, too. Jesus helps us to accept God's love for us at the very deepest level, so we can become sacraments of God's love to others.

SUN, 24 DEC 2023

Watch for God's Answer to the World's Problems

How does one day with family opening presents fix any of the world's problems? The first Christmas makes even less sense: one more mouth to feed, and a homeless family. Once you understand the fundamental problem, then Christmas makes perfect sense.

SUN, 17 DEC 2023

Watch Out for The Misunderstanding

Lies can damage relationships. Don't believe me? Ask the Hallmark Channel! We have become victims of an intentional disinformation campaign. The enemy lies to us about ourselves and about God. Let’s look at the lies that cause seven core wounds.

SUN, 10 DEC 2023

The Gift of Being a Giver

God is a giver. When he made us in his image and likeness, he made us to be givers, too. We all look for sneaky ways to take things that don't belong to us. Mary is always a giver and never a taker. She gives herself to God and look what He gives her!

FRI, 8 DEC 2023

Watch! And Remember What God Has Done

If we are busy doing the things we are supposed to be doing, we have nothing to worry about. But are we really doing what Jesus told us to do? How easily we forget that God is with us. Watch for Him and remember where you saw him.

SUN, 3 DEC 2023