Lent, 2nd Sunday. Today we are privileged to be part of the inner circle of Jesus' friends as we witness His true glory. Peter suggests they build three tents, but God has a better idea: we only need one tent because the beloved Son is enough.

Moses here symbolizes the Law and Elijah the Prophets. The Law showed the Israelites how to stay in right relationship with God and their neighbor. The Prophets called out the people when they cheated and stopped living in right relationship.

Jesus is the new Mediator, replacing both the Law and the Prophets. Right relationship with God happens not from following the Law but from following Jesus. The demands of the Catholic faith are meant to keep us in right relationship with God and neighbor. Like the Israelites, we have been cheating on our relationships. We let stuff get in the way of the people. Lent is a time to look at the stuff that clutters your heart. Clean out the stuff to make room for the amazing gift of Jesus. Listen as He tells us: Rise, and do not be afraid.

(16 Mar 2014)