Second Sunday of Lent • God gave his people the path through Moses. Through Elijah and the prophets God kept them on the path. This path leads to Jesus. Now we only need one booth because all you need is Jesus. Do you really believe that? Then start spending 10 minutes a day in prayer. Listen to Him and you will be transfigured.

(12 Mar 2017)

Point to Ponder: I totally forgot to mention that in chapter 7 of Resisting Happiness, Matthew Kelly tells his story about learning to pray for 10 minutes a day. It totally changed his life. We often complain that we don't hear God's voice. But if we looked at our day we would see that we turn on the TV first thing in the morning, read the paper while drinking our coffee, rush off to work, get distracted by a million things, watch TV at night, and finally turn to God in the last 2 1/2 minutes before drifting off to sleep. Is God not talking, or are we not listening?

Point to Discuss: Talk to a friend about that idea that Jesus is enough. What does it mean to you? Do you believe it?

Point for Action: Start a habit of prayer with 10 minutes each day. Begin today.