Easter Sunday • The ancient people passed yeast down from generation to generation. In much the same way, we pass down culture from generation to generation. But over time it became corrupted with pride, envy, arrogance, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust. What was God to do? He sent his Son to be the new "starter dough," the Bread of Life. What was his secret ingredient? The Father's love for him. Staying faithful to that love, Jesus rose from the dead.

Every year at the Easter Vigil, the Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem brings unlit candles to the tomb. In the longest-running miracle in history, those candles are mysteriously lit by what is called the Holy Fire. This is a reminder that Christ really is risen and that He is with us.

If you haven't felt the Resurrection in your own life, perhaps you haven't been caring for the bread of life. Here are three simple instructions to preserve and nurture the bread of life:

  1. Pray every day and come to church on Sunday.
  2. Go to Confession from time to time.
  3. If God shows you anything that doesn't belong in your life, get rid of it.
The culture of Christ can transform lives and raise the dead -- but we have to nourish it and let it grow. The joy of Easter is discovering that God has already conquered every obstacle, even death. To the depth of your being you are loved by God. Let that truth grow and transform your life. (24 Apr 2011)

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