So you've had a good retreat or wonderful experience of God -- how do you keep it going? We need a handy guide to keep us on the right track. It just so happens that the five fingers on our hand can remind us of five things that will keep our faith going.

  1. Daily Prayer We use the thumb to give a "thumbs up" or a "pick me up." So daily prayer is an opportunity to thank God and ask for help. Just like the thumb holds everything together, so our daily prayer holds our life together.
  2. Sunday Mass The pointer finger points us in the right direction, and says, "You're #1!" Sunday Mass helps point us in the right direction. By coming to Mass on Sunday we tell God, "You're #1 in my life."
  3. Regular Confession When you have given the "middle finger" to God or your neighbor, go to confession. I recommend monthly confession. But at least once a year, dump your garbage and experience the merciful love of God in a powerful way.
  4. Community Our "ring finger" shows our connection with other people. We need a few good Christian friends to challenge and encourage us, and we need to support others in living their faith.
  5. Keep Growing The "pinky" still has some growing to do. There are areas in our life where we are "coming up short." We need to keep growing in our faith - giving up things that get in the way, and learning more as we go along.

Stay connected with God and your faith will keep growing. The Handy Guide is five simple things that keep us connected with God.