Ash Wednesday • The question we all ask is, "What are you giving up for Lent?" But the real question is, "Why are you giving it up?" We can certainly give up things because we want to be better, healthier, have more time, less addicted. Good things. But Lent is about participating in Jesus' death so we can participate in His Resurrection. It's only a Lenten sacrifice when we can say, "Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice for me. I want to unite this sacrifice with your sacrifice on the cross." (6 Mar 2019)

Image Credit: The Scriptural Stations of the Cross

Going Deeper: TAKE A LOOK
I looked in the mirror today,
And saw myself in disarray.
My hair's a mess, my clothes a sight...
The pounds I've gained are just a fright!
Is this what other people see,
When they are looking close at me?
So I resolved right then and there,
To improve the image I must bear.

I looked into God's Word today,
And saw my soul in disarray;
Indifference, sin and selfish pride,
And lack of love were all inside.
Is this the Christ that others see
When they are looking close at me?
So I resolved to God in prayer,
To improve His image that I bear.

Excerpt from the Peshtigo Times credited to Shirley Prudhomme of Crivitz