Ash Wednesday • Be holy, as the Lord your God is holy! Every Christian is called to be a little Christ. This means that we should live as Jesus lived and love as Jesus loves. We see God's holiness reflected in the life of Jesus and Mary and the saints. Other should see God's holiness reflected in you. You are called to be a saint!

Welcome to Spring Training! It's time to get your spiritual game on. Jesus was a giver. Why are we so good at taking? Jesus was a man of prayer. Why are we such prayer slackers? Jesus' whole life was a sacrifice. We grumble when we have to give up one little thing.

Your training is not going to be easy. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Expect to be stretched and tried and challenged. You're only going to grow if it's hard. Your coach knows how to bring out the best in you. Welcome to spring training!

(26 Feb 2020)

Going Deeper: Draw a picture of Jesus on the cross. Next to it write: Jesus, I'm giving up _______ for Lent. I unite my suffering to your sacrifice on the cross.

Thank you Sue in honor of her father Joe. [image source]