Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion. Jesus wants only to be a faithful Son to his Father. He will ride into Jerusalem faithfully, suffer faithfully, die faithfully, and rise again faithfully. Jesus shows us what it means to be children of God: let the Father choose our life for us, and we live it faithfully. The Passion is the ultimate test of Jesus' faithfulness. The passion also shows us others who have learned how to be faithful sons of God: Simon of Cyrene, Joseph of Arimathea, the woman with the spikenard, and the women at the tomb. You too must listen to the Son of God and learn from the Son of God how to be a son of God.

(29 Mar 2015)

[Two Gospels are read at Palm Sunday. This homily was delivered at the beginning of Mass after the first Gospel.]

Point to Ponder: What does it look like to the faithful to your Father?

Point to Discuss: Has a friend helped you carry your cross? Thank them for their help.