Ordinary Time, 20th Sunday. Deacon Michael Thiel Jesus makes himself absolutely clear: "Eat Me!" Jesus would only command us to do something if it were possible to do it. These words come true at every Catholic Mass when the priest says: "This is my Body... this is my Blood... for you." We eat His flesh and drink His blood at Sunday Mass.

How easy it is to receive without recognizing the priceless gift. Would you be more excited if Father said instead, "Ten million dollars" and handed you a pile of cold, hard cash? In a very real way, the Eucharist is a proposal for marriage. God desires union with us in Heaven forever, and the Eucharist is to prepares us for the banquet. How should we respond to God's marriage proposal?

(16 Aug 2015)

Point to Ponder: How can I make the line for Communion an experience of joyful expectation?

Point to Discuss: Share your engagement story with a friend, or talk to a married friend about how they got engaged. What were the emotions they experienced?