God and Government, Part II (16:56)

Ordinary Time, 31st Sunday. There are three particularly important and troubling issues this election season:

1) Same-Sex Marriage: God has made our human nature in such a way that men and women are capable of physical union, a union that is the intersection of the gifts of life and love. This union can create new human life. It deserves special protection in a way that no other relationship does. It is unfortunate that the Democratic party has decided to advocate for something contrary to God's natural law.

2) Abortion: Abortion is so common that we can become complacent about the murder of small children. If we believe that life begins at conception, and all life is precious, then an unborn child deserves the same protection as you or me. The Democratic party platform wants abortion to be safe, legal, and free. We hope that the terrible Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade can be overturned so that our nation will no longer pretend that abortion is a right guaranteed by our Constitution.

3) Religious Freedom: Colleges need to be free to teach the truth independent of government censorship. Hospitals and physicians need the right to not perform immoral procedures simply because our society approves of them. Our government is trying to say that Catholic colleges and hospitals are not religious institutions with freedom of conscience. This is a deeply troubling result of Secularism which tries to replace religion with government.

All three of these troubling issues have the same thing in common: Do we listen to our Creator and let His law be our ultimate authority, or do we accept a secular government's claim to be the ultimate authority? Jesus reminds us God is the true Lord, and what really matters is that we love God and neighbor. May our votes this November reflect what really matters.

(4 Nov 2012)