The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity. 5 Days, 13 walkers, 58 miles -- another successful walking pilgrimage! The hardest day for most of us was Wednesday. Many of us struggled that day and we also struggled with each other. We were off to a good start but forming Christian community meant we had to go through a 'storming' period until we could move into 'norming' a deeper level of community.

Only the Holy Trinity forms community easily. The total gift of the Father becomes the Son, and the Son gives back again which becomes the Spirit. Father, Son and Spirit: a Lover, a Beloved, and the Love between them. They are not afraid to give, and that is why they form community so easily.

We image the Trinity because we can form community. The family images the Trinity, and the father is called to be an image of the Father to his wife and children. The Parish too images the Trinity, and the priest is called to lead his people into deeper Communion with God and each other.

These images point us to our true dignity: God has opened up the Trinity and welcomed us into the Heavenly Family. He has made us for Communion not only with each other, but with God himself. It can be hard for us to form community because we are afraid of losing ourselves in the gift. Do not be afraid to give; the Father gives so much more in return.

(15 Jun 2014)