Ordinary Time, 25th Sunday. Why is Jesus not worried about his tragic death? Because He is living in the embrace of his Heavenly Father. We are like little children: God's love surrounds us. This is what makes us special. We are each the greatest in God's eyes. Children in the ancient world were had no social status, no value besides free labor. They are nobodies. We should not be afraid to the Nobody because we are still the greatest in our Father's eyes. It matters to God how we treat he nobodies of this world: immigrants, refugees, that awkward kid, the unborn. instead of grasping, receive; instead of taking, give. When we build ourselves up at the expense of others, we are building the kingdom of Satan. But when we build up others, we are building the Kingdom of God.

(20 Sep 2015)

Point to Ponder: How will your Monday feel different at your place of work or school if, instead of trying to be somebody, you are content with helping others be somebody?

Point for Conversation: When have you felt God's embrace? Speak to a dear friend about your experience.