First Sunday of Lent (Year C) Jesus journeys from a mountain-top experience of God through the desert of temptation into the Promised Land. Transfiguration--Death--Resurrection: this pattern repeats in the Bible and in our lives. What is Jesus' secret to survive the desert? He never stops listening to God's voice. Even when all he can hear is the Tempter, Jesus is repeating to himself the words God has spoken. Don't forget what God has said. Keep repeating to yourself what God has done for you. Lent is a time to face the desert. Fill your heart with the Word of God. Keep listening to God's Word. (14 Feb 2016)

Point to Ponder: What words or experiences has God given you in the past that let you know He was with you?

Point do Discuss: Satan loves to tell me I am alone, even though I am never alone. The Devil knows where we are weak and keeps attacking us in the same places. Ask a friend about the lies Satan uses against them.