I will save you the trouble of reading the whole article: the right answer is the Catholic Church.

What were you expecting from a Catholic priest? But please don't take my word for it. This isn't an answer you just Google, take the first article that pops up, and consider yourself done. You have to do your own work. Be impartial and thorough in your research, don't rule out religions on a basis of abhorrent prejudice. Instead, rule out on the basis of reflection and judgement. A starting point for Mormonism would be the first vision. But don't limit your research to one extract or opinion. Keep reading, and I'll give you a few thoughts that might help your search.

I Don't Care How Sincerely You Believe The World To Be Flat

People will often say, "You just have to follow your own belief." But no matter how sincerely people believed the world to be flat, it was still round and they were still wrong. What's in your head doesn't change the universe at all. God is not like Santa Clause: His existence does not depend on you believing in him. A truth is a still true even if no one believes it; a lie is still false even if everyone believes it. So if there is a Hell, you can still go there, even if you sincerely believe it doesn't exist. And conversely, you can still get to heaven even if you don't believe in it.

People like to say: "Well, that's what I believe." That's like saying, "I'm Catholic because I'm Catholic." We should only believe something because we think it's true. I'm Catholic because that's what I believe to be true. If I discovered that the Catholic Church was false, I join another religion. Don't look for the religion that makes you comfortable. We want the truth. The right religion is the one that gets it right when it explains the big things: human nature, the existence of the supernatural, what happens after we die, is it all worth it, etc. The right religion is the one that has the most truth.

What You Believe Really does Matter

You might try and cut me off here. "It doesn't really matter what you believe, its what's in your heart that counts." Nice idea, but you've just expressed a belief that you think matters. Every belief matters. People often cop out on the question of religion for one of two reasons. Either they are lazy and don't want to think about big questions, or they are overwhelmed by all the different answers. For the lazy, here's a little story:

Charlie grew up in a poor family. Everybody else had nice things and seemed so much happier than him. Charlie decided that money makes people happy. For 40 years he works hard to get as much money as he can. Sometime around mid-life, he has all the money he could want and suddenly discovers he's not happy at all. He goes back to church, cuts back his work hours, begins to volunteer, and starts investing in friendships. He is so much happier. He keeps saying, "Why didn't I discover this sooner?"
When you follow the truth, your life makes more sense. Things work out. Lies will always lead to dead-ends. One woman said, "The more I study the Catholic faith, the more beautiful it appears to me. The more I live the Catholic faith, the more beautiful my life becomes." What you believe doesn't change the truth, but it changes you.

So if you want your life to be the best it can be, you must follow the religion that has the most truth.