Despite the challenges of 2020, it was a big year for the preaching podcast. We changed our name and released awesome new album artwork to match. Then we rolled out the biggest website update ever. Podcasts and Blog posts are now separated from each other. Podcasts are sorted by season. It's easier than ever to find old episodes or to listen to episodes from three years ago.

We also saw a big increase in podcast downloads. August hit an all-time high. The numbers have stayed high ever since. In the last five months, every week but one has been above 500 downloads. Prior to that, no week exceeded 500 downloads.

Podcast Weekly Downloads 2020

This also compares very well to our historic numbers. In all honesty, historic numbers only go back as far as November 1, 2017. The previous monthly high was 2,249 downloads set in May of 2019. In the last five months of 2020, every month was above this record.

Podcast Lifetime Downloads to Dec 2020

I would like to tell you that was because of the awesome new website or the release of Oriens. But it's most likely due to my move to a new parish, which happened the first weekend in August. But whatever the cause, I'm happy to report a big increase in downloads. Thank you for listening. Keep liking, sharing, commenting, and dropping five-star reviews wherever you get your podcasts. We'll keep making them if you keep listening. And lets make 2021 even better!