Ordinary Time, 2nd Sunday. God is love. God made us in His image and likeness. That means that we were made to love and to be loved. God calls us to live lives of love and your vocation is the particular way that God calls you to love. There are two primary vocations: Marriage and Celibacy. Marriage shows how intensely God loves each of us; Celibacy shows how much God love all of us. God calls us from the outside to become who we were already made to be.

How do we find our vocation and follow it? Our Gospel gives us four clues:

  1. Turn to Jesus. Ask Him for help or guidance.
  2. "Do whatever He tells you."
  3. Love is hard work; put in the hard work.
  4. Be surprised by joy.
Where do you get the energy to love every day, even when it is hard? From the Eucharist. Every week Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ lays down His life for us. Then he sends us out to lay down our life for one another. Go live the Gospel of the Lord. (20 Jan 2013)