Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday. The Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge in Green Bay reminds us that things are not as sturdy as they appear. The Gospel also helps us to see differently. A rich man, who has it made, winds up in Hell. A poor man, who has nothing, winds up in Heaven. Why? The Rich man was selfish. Every day God provided him with a poor man to encourage him to think of others. The poor man was not an inconvenience; he was really an opportunity. The poor and needy help us cross the bridge from the side of selfishness to the side of selflessness. We must start seeing the poor and needy around us as opportunities to cross the bridge before it closes. Mr. Leo Frigo was a rich man who took every opportunity to serve the poor. His legacy will last longer than the bridge they named after him. (29 Sep 2013)

Leo's Biography

The Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge, was closed Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2013, after a sagging support pier caused a section of the bridge to drop almost 2 feet.