Ordinary Time, 6th Sunday. Leprosy was contagious, disfiguring, incurable, and caused a person to be separated from the community. In other words, leprosy is like sin. The Lord shares the effects of our sin and sacrifices himself to make us clean again. You love Jesus, but are you in love with Jesus? This Lent, let's try to grow in love. Here's how to do it:

First: Quality time with God for 10-25 minutes every day (prayer). Second: Reach out in love to others (almsgiving). Third: Give up something that's getting in the way of love (fasting).

Let's make this Lent a 'love-ly' Lent.

(15 Feb 2015)

Point to Ponder: What is one thing I should sacrifice to make room in my life for more love?

Point to Discuss: Talk to a spiritual mentor about their prayer time: when, where, and how do you pray?