Ordinary Time, 26th Sunday (B)

Last week I told you that I wanted our parish to work like a team. Everyone is called to ministry and mission. Our parish should help you discern your gifts and use them for God's glory.

In our first reading, seventy elders have been chosen to help Moses with his ministry. Two don't show up for the prayer service but they still get the gift of the spirit. In a similar way, Jesus' disciples are concerned about someone who is using Jesus' name but isn't on their team.

Jesus is not concerned about the others but rather about his disciples: Are you so sure that you are on God's team? How might your sin be undermining your relationship with God and your teammates? Sin is the opposite of righteousness, and rightness is necessary for good team work. Let God set you free so you can help God set others free.

(26 Sep 2021)

Going Deeper: Write out your working definition of sin. How does your view of sin affect your ability to choose good and avoid evil? How do you evil choices hurt the rest of God's team?

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