Ordinary Time, 32nd Sunday (A) The intellect is the faculty of the soul that is attracted to the truth. Everything looks true at first, but only that which as genuinely true will hold up to scrutiny. We need to develop good intellectual habits to scrutinize and retain only what is true.

The will is the power of the soul that is moved by the good. Society seems to believe, "It is good because I want it." The reality is the opposite. I want it because at looks good for me. Before we do evil, we must justify it; we convince ourselves that it is somehow good.

The fool will settle for things that look good. The wise person only wants what is truly good. Things that appear good will often turn out to not be actually good. With practice and humility, you can learn to avoid things that only appear good, and choose things that are truly good.

Wisdom begins when you realize that you are not wise and can ask for and receive help. In the last analysis, the only true and lasting good is God himself. If you learn to live wisely here and now, you will be able to enjoy God for eternity.

(12 Nov 2023)

Going Deeper: Are there areas in my life where I have allowed myself to be continually fooled by the appearance of good? What would an actually good choice look like in this area?

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