Ordinary Time, 32nd Sunday (C) Our first reading is from one of the seven extra books we find in Catholic Bibles. The Greeks were 'inviting' the Jews to eat pork -- and brutally killing those who refused. These seven sons and their mother believed in the resurrection of the dead. It gave them courage to prefer faithfulness to God over obedience to the emperor. This same belief gave courage to Christians in Rome and in 17th century Japan. Do you believe in the Resurrection? Fr. John Tourangeau died and saw Jesus. He came back with new courage to live his mission and reconcile with family members. Believe in the Resurrection and it will help you to serve God faithfully here and now.

(10 Nov 2019)

Going Deeper: Read about the near-death experience of Fr. John Tourangeau. Pick up his book or another great book or movie about near-death experiences. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on the afterlife.

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