Ordinary Time, 22nd Sunday (C) Should we abolish the priesthood? Should we abolish the police? The police are meant to protect and serve the people, not protect and serve themselves. The same goes for priests... and doctors, lawyers, teachers, parents, children, you! Our value does not depend on sitting in the seat of honor. Mother Theresa went to the poorest of the poor. She humbled herself and God exalted her. Jesus did the same. When you serve those who cannot repay you, Jesus will not forget your kindness to him. When you choose the lowest place, Jesus is grateful for your company.

(1 Sep 2019)

Going Deeper: As a family or community, pray for local firefighters, police, and emergency medical personnel -- by name if possible. Use the anniversary of September 11, 2001 as an opportunity to thank them for their service to your community.

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