Ordinary Time, 22nd Sunday (C)

I just got back from what has become an annual tradition, a kayak-camping trip on the Great Lakes. Paddling through the waves of Lake Michigan reminds me of how small I am. But paddling 12 or 16 miles to an island and camping there brings with it a feeling of greatness.

When have you felt poor? I don't just mean a lack of money. We experience our poverty when we don't have the answers, feel not in control, or struggle with friendships. We chase power, possessions, pleasure and popularity so we never have to feel poor. As creatures, we are fundamentally poor. When we embrace our poverty, we also experience greatness.

Let me tell you the story of the Innkeeper's Daughter. It reminds us that Jesus embraced poverty. When Jesus invites us to take the lowest place, he is inviting us to come sit down next to him. Embrace your poverty. Give to those who cannot repay you, and you too will experience greatness.

(28 Aug 2022)

Going Deeper: Reflect on a recent experience of smallness or poverty. What happened? How did you respond to the feeling? What can you learn from that experience?

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