Ordinary Time, 23rd Sunday (C) Onesimus was a slave in the city of Colossae. He ran away from his master and escaped to Rome. He discovers that he still isn't free. He makes the acquaintance of a prisoner named Paul. Though on house arrest, Paul has found true freedom and peace in Jesus Christ. He converts Onesimus to Christianity and sends him back to his former master, Philemon, with a letter of introduction to smooth things over.

We were made to serve God. We wanted to be free so we ran away from our Father's house. We became slaves to our passions, to a paycheck, and to the opinions of others. When I choose to serve God, I become a co-creator. I find that inner freedom and peace that St. Paul knew even when in prison. Whom do I serve?

(4 Sep 2022)

Going Deeper: Where do I seek freedom from God, only to find myself enslaved. How have I found freedom in serving God like St. Paul did?

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