Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday (C) Moses prayed and God had mercy on the Israelites. St. Paul himself received mercy and wanted everyone to experience it. Sometimes I get frustrated when God has mercy seven times on others, but then I turn around and receive God's mercy for the 77th time.

The children of Fatima were invited to pray the Rosary every day and to offer sacrifices for sinners. It's not enough for us to go to heaven. We also should be praying and offering sacrifices for others. I suggest praying a daily Rosary and also sacrificing meat or doing some other penance on Fridays throughout the year.

When we begin to do penance for others we discover that we ourselves still need conversion.

(11 Sep 2022)

Going Deeper: Consider committing to a family Rosary each day during the month of October. Prayerfully consider not eating meat or performing some other sacrifice every Friday throughout the year.

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