Ordinary Time, 24th Sunday (C) Today's readings have one thing in common: the feeling of being lost. The Israelites got lost in the desert, St. Paul got lost in his own intelligence, and the sheep lost his shepherd. Being lost makes us doubt our value. Here are three things we should do when we feel lost:

  1. Don't forget whose you are. God has been with you, will be with you, and is with you right now.
  2. You've used up your own resources. Now stop trusting in your own ideas and trust that God is starting something totally new with you.
  3. Listen to the Shepherd and follow his voice.

Don't say: "I'm a nobody, worthless, garbage."
Say instead: "I remember who I am: I will arise and go to my Father."

15 Sep 2019

Going Deeper: Take a moment to pause, breathe deeply, and present to the Father who is always present to you.

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