Ordinary Time, 21st Sunday (A) Shebna, the Master of the Palace, has been building a monument to himself. God will replace him with a better steward. God sees three qualities in Eliakim that make him a good steward: he is a servant, a father, and dependable. By not serving himself, Elaikim will be a blessing for his family and others.

God has given you the gift of your own life, and made you a steward of his creation. If you are a husband, a father, and the head of a household, you have been entrusted with a great stewardship. God is looking for the same things from you as he was from Eliakim.

Do you want to be a great steward? I suggest three things:

  1. Make time for daily prayer. Prayer is a really important way for a man to admit that he needs help. In prayer God reveals himself to us, and also shows us who we are.
  2. Pay attention to your inner life. Others need to feel safe in your presence, to feel seen and valued, to be able to flourish. To do that for others, we need to de-clutter our minds and hearts, to Confess and forgive.
  3. Volunteer. It helps us move out of the downward spiral of "What's in it for me?" and into the spiral of blessed, grateful, and generous.

(27 Aug 2023)

Going Deeper: Does your stewardship more resemble Shebna or Eliakim? What is one way the concept of stewardship could change the way you see your own life?

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