Corpus Christi (Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ-B) This weekend the Diocese of Green Bay implements Bishop Ricken's pastoral instruction that allows the common cup on select feast days. We receive the whole Jesus no matter how we receive Communion, but Communion under both species is a fuller symbol of Jesus giving himself completely to us.

Jews don't eat blood because it was seen as the life force of an animal. St. Jean de Brèbeuf died so bravely that the natives who killed him ate his heart. They wanted his courage. It wasn't his physical heart that made him brave; it was his union with the Sacred Heart. He had learned to draw life from Jesus. When we enter into Communion with Jesus, the very life of God flows in our veins.

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage processions began just a week or two ago. A reporter was asking people what fruits they were hoping to see flowing from this procession. One perpetual pilgrim said, “The reason that I applied and then said yes to this was in the hopes that I would become more like Jesus." The Eucharist is given to us so that you can become like Christ. Become what you receive!

(2 Jun 2024)

Going Deeper: Consider joining one of the national Eucharistic processions. Or spend extra time with Jesus in these pilgrimage weeks.

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