Ordinary Time, 31st Sunday (B) • TEC 40th Anniversary Mass • Good thing Jesus doesn't want us to do hard stuff like keep the 10 Commandments and stuff. God commanded us to love Him so that we would be be what we were made to be. We are made in the image to God and God is love. All we have to do is love God and love our neighbor. Its that simple -- its just humanly impossible. You are made in His image, but you can't make yourself into His likeness.

So God sends us the Holy Spirit. Only the Holy Spirit can make us like God. It is the very trying to be like God on your own, without God's help, that is the root of all evil. So cut it out! The Spirit has already been placed in your heart, all ready to transform you. Listen to the Holy Spirit and let Him transform your life.

(4 Nov 2018)

Going Deeper: Practice listening:

For the first 60 seconds of your morning just be still... Breathe deeply, intentionally. Pay attention to what’s around you, consider the ordinary things in the space around you that are in fact extraordinary; sunlight, the smell of coffee, sounds of birds, morning traffic outside the window, the fabric of the armchair you’re sitting in. You get to experience it all. You exist because of the Father’s love. Rest in that free, unearned gift of being and being loved for just a minute.

Congratulations to Dale and Rose on 60 years of marriage and to Anchor of Hope TEC on 40 years of retreats. Learn more at AnchorofHopeTEC.org