Ordinary Time, 2nd Sunday (B) In today's first reading, Samuel hears a call from God. Perhaps we don't want God to call and interrupt, or perhaps we are trying to discern our vocation and we wonder if God lost my number. We need to listen with our heart. Here are five ways that God commonly speaks to us.

  1. Nature. The world around me is speaking to me of God. Our own bodies also have a lot to say to us. Learn to listen to nature and your body and respect them.
  2. Church teaching marks out a safe path for us to trod.
  3. Legitimate authority, like parents and priests, can help us hear God's voice. Even though Eli is not a great dad, his voice still sounds like God.
  4. Our conscience. That still, small voice in our head that speaks to us of what is true and beautiful and good.
  5. Daily prayer, especially with scripture. How often do we go to prayer expecting to talk but not making space to listen. Prayer needs to be a conversation.

Once we hear God's voice, we need to point Jesus out to others. Like John the Baptist, priests point out Jesus to their flock, and those people can point others to Jesus. Learn to listen with your heart.

(14 Jan 2024)

Going Deeper: Consider making a stop at your local parish church in the morning on the way to work, after school, or while running errands in town. Spend a few minutes talking to God about your day and then a few minutes listening with your heart.

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