Ordinary Time, 2nd Sunday (B) We have a hard time making up our minds at a drive through. How are we going to figure out our life? So many options leads to anxiety, depression, and hopelessness.

If you look beneath your competing desires, you will find deeper desires. You want a meaningful life, true love, a deep peace and lasting joy. If you have been paying attention during the Christmas season, you might have noticed a moment when you experienced all of that. Jesus came to meet you at Christmas. You welcomed Jesus into your heart and into your home. Now he wants to stay with you. The question for you is, “Do we want to stay with Jesus?”

We need to cultivate an attitude of listening. Start by listening to the Church when she steers you away from immorality and towards a healthy human life. Make a place, and time, for daily prayer. God can certainly speak to you out loud, if he wants to. I know because it happened to me. God wanted to make sure I was listening. Samuel is listening and responding to the needs of people around him. He is ready to hear God's voice. Are you listening?

(17 Jan 2021)

Going Deeper: God calls us through words, experiences, moments, and friends. He also is calling you in the depths of your heart. Spend some time in silence each day. Leave space to hear those deeper desires. Pray often, "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening."

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