The Baptism of the Lord (B) We first heard today's Gospel reading back on the Second Sunday of Advent. John the Baptist called us to repent to prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord. How did your Advent journey change you? What did God give you at Christmas time? Spend a moment reflecting on the gift you received at Christmas.

God wants to give you more! You have received Jesus into your heart and your home. Now Jesus wants to dunk you in the Holy Spirit. Imagine the love of God dripping out of you everywhere you go. We find it challenging to simply love our family, let alone our neighbors or our enemies. The Holy Spirit will help you. All you have to do is ask.

Mother Theresa was full of the Holy Spirit. She did the important things and trusted God to take care of the rest. The Spirit will guide you to focus on the things that really matter this year.

(10 Jan 2021)

Going Deeper: Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit. Prayerfully discern the important things you need to be focusing on, and something not important that you can let go of.

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