The Most Holy Trinity (C) God created the world but he didn't do it alone. God is a "one" of community, not a one all alone. Perhaps it helps to understand the Trinity if we consider it's earthly reflection, which is the family. We participate in creation by creating human life. We image God through procreation.

A male and a female love each other so deeply that the two become one and then three-in-one. Married love is so deep, so real, that nine months later you may have to give it a name! Creating life is a team effort, not something anyone can do on their own.

Selfishness creeps into all our relationships. We ask, "What's in it for me?" When marriages become contracts, we can't help but feel cheated. When I realize how generous God has been with me, then I can give without counting the cost. And I get more back in return. Married or not, we are all called to self-giving love. The Trinity is not just a doctrine of the faith; it is also our mission.

(12 June 2022)

Going Deeper: Have you ever thought that you have been given the power to create life? How does that realization change the way you see yourself? How does it change the way you see sexual relations?

Do you make a conscious effort to gather with your family for meals and memories? Do you gather with your church family for a Sunday meal and memories?

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