Solemnity of St. Joseph • Today we celebrate the saint that was Jesus' earthly father and husband to Mary. His wife was sinless and his son was God, so if anything went wrong, clearly it was Joseph's fault. Why would God put someone in that situation? And how did Joseph manage to succeed at a seemingly impossible task?

Dr. Bob Schuchts writes in the book Be Transformed that Holy Orders is given to help us overcome the wound of confusion. This chapter made me uncomfortable for two reasons. First, because I exercise authority over my flock, and second because I must obey the authority of the Pope and my Bishop.

Those in authority must serve their people, not make the people serve them. It must be exercised an accordance with the truth, and motivated by love. Unity is the fruit of good authority exercised well. Most importantly, Joseph is obedient to God's authority. He knows that he cannot succeed on his own so he relies on God's guidance and power. Follow these guidelines and your authority will help bring unity.

(20 Mar 2023)

Going Deeper: Who in your life has exercised authority well? In what ways have you suffered from abuse of authority? Ask St. Joseph to help heal those wounds.

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