Lent, 4th Sunday (A) If something bad happened to you, according to Old Testament logic, you must have done something to deserve it. But what if you were born blind--were your parents being punished? No, says Jesus, this happened so that God's works could be made visible. Jesus then cures the incurable, symbolically fashioning new eyes for him from the clay. In doing so, he exposes the Pharisees who have eyes but refuse to see.

Let me share with you two healings that I experienced. I went to my healing prayer retreat with a sore back. Praying for healing didn't to anything for me... until I rejected my fears and renounced an inner vow. Then the pain and tension went away.

My family lived in five states when I was growing up. I was left with no home town. I had to go visit my old home and grieve the loss. After that I was finally able to feel at home again.

I feel confident that I can face other wounds in my life, bring them to Jesus, and experience healing and peace. Has God revealed to you any wounds that he wants to heal?

(19 Mar 2023)

Going Deeper: Notice any area of your life where something hurts you more than it should. Have you prayed about it? What does Jesus want you to know?

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