Lent, 5th Sunday (A) Jesus ignores his good friend's pleas and then misses his funeral. He finally shows up 4 days later, and the dead man's sisters say, "If you had been here, my brother would not have died." What died for you this past week, month, year? What hopes and dreams have died for you during your lifetime? Have you felt like God wasn't listening and wasn't there for you?

"Jesus wept," even though he knew he was just about to raise Lazrus from the dead. God knows what you are going through, he cares, and he weeps with you and for you. But he also has something even better prepared for you. Trust your friend Jesus. Show him your dead dreams. And then look forward to his beautiful new plan already unfolding. "I cannot promise to make you happy in this life, only in the next." Let us prepare ourselves for the moment when Jesus calls you by name: "Friend, come out!"

(29 Mar 2020)

Going Deeper: If you haven't done so already, make a dedicated prayer space or prayer corner for yourself at home. Practice Relational Prayer each day as a way of experiencing God's loving care for you.

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"Dream for You" by Casting Crowns