Lent, 5th Sunday (B) Imagine for a moment that your great-uncle had passed leaving no heirs and you stood to inherit his vast fortune. But there was one catch: he wanted to give his money to someone who had nothing. In order to inherit the vast fortune you had to divest yourself of everything. Suddenly you would be playing the opposite game as most people. Instead of having the most, you would want to have the least.

Most of us are playing, "Who can be the greatest" and "Who can have the most." Jesus is playing the opposite game. He stands to inherit the Kingdom from his Father and he needs only those things that will get him closer to the Kingdom and nothing more. Jesus shows us how the game of life is meant to be played.

Today, March 20, 2021, is the one year anniversary of the suspension of public Masses in the Diocese of Green Bay. The spring of 2020 was a difficult time for all of us. It shook the core of things that looked so solid and revealed the depth of things that had seemed fragile. The things that matter the most aren't really things at all.

(21 Mar 2021)

Going Deeper: What do you remember from the suspension of public Masses last spring and the ensuing quarantine? What things in your life turned out to be shallow and superficial? What things in your life turned out to be deeply rooted and important?

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