Solemnity of St. Joseph, the Husband of Mary • I prepared for this feast day by reading the Fr. Don Calloway book Consecration to St. Joseph. I disagree with much he had to say about St. Joseph, but I am still excited to consecrate myself to St. Joseph. I personally feel drawn to him as a model of spiritual fatherhood and especially a model for celibates. I think he has much to teach our modern world. Here are seven things we can learn from St. Joseph:

  1. His Silence teaches a wordy world that actions speak louder than words.
  2. His Obedience to God reminds us that we are meant to fulfill God's will and not assert our wills on the world.
  3. His Chastity teaches us the true meaning of human sexuality.
  4. His Manhood teaches men to be guardians and protectors of those in need and to sacrifice themselves for the good of others.
  5. His Hidden life shows that we do not need to conquer anything or climb the corporate ladder in order to have a successful life.
  6. His Poverty shows us our value does not depend on what we own, but on who we are in the eyes of God.
  7. His Hard Work and Craftsmanship show us how work means more than just making things or making money.

Two things I want to leave you with: First, Joseph succeeded where Adam failed. Joseph was a faithful steward of his Lord who tilled the garden and kept it safe from harm. Second, Joseph is an Icon of God the Father. As the Father spoke his Word into the world, so the only word that St. Joseph is recorded to have spoken is "Jesus." (Matthew 1:25) Joseph leads us to Jesus.

(19 Mar 2021)

Going Deeper: What is your favorite image of St. Joseph? How does this image help lead you to Christ?