Lent, Palm Sunday (A) Jesus enters Jerusalem and the city is shaken. The earth will shake when he dies (Matthew 27:51). The guards will shake with fear when he rises again from the dead (Matthew 28:4).

Recently our world has been shaken by the coronavirus. Our economy is shaking, our health system is shaking, and our lives feel fragile. My schedule and plans have been so shaken that it feels like being a new pastor all over again. You might feel like a new parent, or like starting your job all over again. Five things help me stay grounded:

  • A good night's sleep and a consistent bedtime.
  • Regular daily exercise, including time outside.
  • Good healthy meals.
  • Staying in touch with key family and friends.
  • Daily prayer.

Jesus turns to his Father in the garden and again on the cross. The Disciples don't pray and their faith is shaken, but Jesus stands firm. Prayer isn't just about saying things to God. It's about being in communion of heart and mind with God. Have confidence that nothing can shake God's love for you.

(5 Apr 2020)

Going Deeper: Set up your own personal prayer space or prayer corner in your home. Make quality time for God every day. Check out our suggestions for celebrating Holy Week at Home.