Lent, 4th Sunday (C) Each time I hear the prodigal son story I notice something new. One of my favorite moments was a re-telling of the story with children preparing for their first Confession. As the child came back up the aisle, the father scooped him up into a big embrace. The child shook his head and said, "I was not expecting that!" The Father's love never ceases to surprise us; it's like rose vestments on Laetare Sunday.

Our first reading gives a new meaning to this parable. It reminds us that our life is a journey back to the Father's house. We need to learn to let go of the pleasures of this life and to choose to cling to the Father's love for us. We are clothed in the robe that is Jesus Christ and we learn to love others as the Father loves us. Others should say of our love, "I was not expecting that!"

(27 Mar 2022)

Going Deeper: When have I been surprised by the Father's love for me? How have I surprised others with the Father's love?

IMAGE: The comeback of Prodigal son scene by Josef Kastner the older from 20. cent. in Erloserkirche church, Vienna, Austria.