Lent, 2nd Sunday (C) Some people are concerned that the conflict in Ukraine might usher in World War III. We can take comfort in the message on Our Lady of Fatima, which had two main points:

  1. Despite appearances to the contrary, God is still in charge. He offers evil people a chance to repent, and He can and will bring good out of evil. Do not be afraid!
  2. We are each being called to conversion of heart. God sees, hears, and knows well what we are suffering. Our prayers and sufferings matter and they help save the world.

We are all waiting for Mr. Putin to have a change of heart, but God is waiting for you to have a change of heart. Don't look elsewhere and say, "Those people need to repent." God has been investing in you for your entire life; is he getting a good return on his investment? We are the ones who have been given one more year. It's time to start bearing fruit.

(20 Mar 2022)

Going Deeper: Consider making Thursday, March 24, a day of fast and abstinence for peace in Ukraine and the whole world. Friday, March 25 join with Pope Francis in consecrating Ukraine and Russia by offering your own prayer such as a family rosary.

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